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Page Speed Online – web-based performance tool based on Page Speed Browser Extension


The online version of Google’s Page Speed browser extension features a new mobile web page analysis mode.

Page Speed Online is a web-based version of the Page Speed plugin, that allows developers to analyze web pages without the need of downloading an extension. Page Speed Online also features a mobile page analysis, which lets developers analyze their mobile sites like they are viewed in a mobile browser, with mobile-specific optimization recommendations. This article shows the new free service in action.

How Page Speed Online Works

Page Speed Online works similarly to the Page Speed browser extension. Page Speed Online checks web pages against various performance best practices, including CSS and JavaScript positioning, cache policies, GZIP compression, and eTag usage. Figure 1 shows Page Speed Online results for CNN.com

page speed online in action on cnn.com

Figure 1: Page Speed Results for CNN.com

Clicking on one of the recommendations brings up a detailed screen with recommendations (see Figure 2):

page speed online leverage browser caching

Figure 2: Page Speed Leverage Browser Caching for CNN.com

Page Speed Mobile Performance Analysis

The online version of Page Speed also includes a mobile performance analysis that simulates viewing a mobile site in a mobile browser (page speed automatically follows mobile redirects, acting as a mobile browser). Figure 3 shows the mobile results.

page speed mobile results

Figure 3: Page Speed Mobile Results for CNN.com


Page Speed online is the web-based version of the Page Speed extension. The online version provides a list of expandable recommentations based on web performance best practices. Unlike the Page Speed
extension, the online
version does not provide a one page report, this would
be a welcome addition to future versions.

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