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Average Top 100 Weblog Performance Survey – results of load size analysis of technorati top 100 weblogs compared to top 1000 websites

How do the top 100 weblogs compare with the 1000 most popular websites? What are the differences in size and performance between these two samples? What conclusions can we draw about advertising use between and within the two surveys? To find out, we updated a survey by Pingdom, an uptime monitoring company based in Sweden, who recently analyzed the top 100 blog home pages listed in Technorati for their size, composition, and web site performance. This article summarizes Pingdom’s findings, adds a CSS analysis, compares the top 100 blogs with the top 1000 websites, and offers some advice.

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Evolution of the Web from 2000 to 2007 – average web object size quintuples since 2000

The Web has changed dramatically over the past seven years. During that time the Web has moved from a static one-way medium toward a dynamic platform for interactive services such as photo and video sharing portals. In a comparative survey of data traces served over the Web from 2000 and 2007, University of Twente researchers found that the nature of web sites has changed (Sadre and Haverkort, 2008).

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