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Optimizing PPC Campaigns with Experiments – Target CPA vs. Maximize Conversions

Continuing our ongoing series on PPC optimization, this time we look at PPC drafts and experiments. Drafts and experiments lets you propose and test changes to your Google Adwords search and display campaigns. Using experiments you can optimize the performance of your campaigns to squeeze more leads our of less spend. This article shows how to set up a PPC experiment for a dental client.

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PPC Optimization: Gender Targeting

Last time we explored optimizing your PPC campaign with age range targeting. We found that middle-aged people tended to convert better, for a particular client. In Google Adwords you can also target demographics by gender. Studies have shown that men and women tend to browse and shop differently on the Internet. Let’s look at how you can use differences in gender behavior to optimize bids to boost PPC conversion rates.

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PPC Optimization: ZIP Code Targeting

For PPC campaigns that target a specific geographic location, there are a number of ways to optimize conversion rates. You can target different household incomes, business areas and universities, genders, age groups, and ZIP codes. Based on the performance of each individual demographic and location, you can adjust your bids to improve conversion rates to squeeze more leads out of your AdWords spend. This article shows how to add ZIP code targeting to your PPC campaigns to boost conversion rates.

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