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Speed Up Your Netbook: Toshiba NB205 & Toshiba NB525 – upgrade laptop boot time speed optimization with RAM, SSD & software

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Figure 1: Toshiba NB205-N210BN-G

Netbooks are small, low-cost laptop computers first launched in 2007. Typically powered by low voltage CPUs (like Intel’s Atom or AMD’s Fusion series) netbooks omit certain features of full-featured laptops like optical drives to keep cost and weight down. Netbook screen sizes typically range from 10.1″ to 12″ diagonal in later models. Netbooks are being replaced by thinner ultrabooks and tablets now, but are still quite handy as a second laptop for traveling. One problem with netbooks is that they can be slow to run applications and boot. This article shows how to upgrade your netbook to boot and perform faster.

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