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Mantex Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Summary: Mantex UK has the first full review of Website Optimization Secrets.

Mantex UK has reviewed our new book Website Optimization Secrets. Roy Johnson wrote the first full review of the Nighthawk book, a follow-up to his review of Speed Up Your Site.

"This latest magnum opus goes way beyond that in scope and depth. It's a guide to maximizing every aspect of a website and its performance.

It's an amazingly practical manual, with page after page of ideas, suggestions, and strategies for getting your pages more widely known and read. On the whole, it's not too technical, and he supplies snippets of code only when necessary. All the tips are within the grasp of anyone who is used to running a web site, and along the way he explains the principles of search engine optimization (SEO) as well as briefing you on how SEs treat your site."

Website Optimisation: Book Review

By website optimization on 5 Aug 2008 PM

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