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Search Engine Optimization Journal Reviews Website Optimization Book

Summary: SEO Journal's Nick Stamoulis gives Website Optimization Secrets a positive review.

The folks at SEO Journal have reviewed Website Optimization Secrets. Nick Stamoulis summarizes the book and gives a positive review.

" has recently announced a new book that is bound to stick around for the long haul, Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine and Conversion Rate Secrets. This new book published by O'Reilly Media teaches those who read it how to take various online marketing tactics and combine them with web performance to create a solution that will undoubtedly bring their website to the next level....

This book was written and designed to be a guide and to help those looking for a quality source to be able to turn to when seeking assistance website optimization. Something that doesn't go bad with time but focuses on fundamental information that has a long-lasting effect on your website and your overall business was needed for the industry. Everybody knows that Website optimization is a fast moving industry and oftentime's new information is borderline outdated by the time it actually hits the bookshelves. This book stems from solid fundamental principles that will only age with time. Website Optimization Secrets successfully covers all bases of website marketing while at the same time keep the reader engaged in the text at all times."

Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine and Conversion Rate Secrets - Book Review

By website optimization on 15 Aug 2008 PM

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