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British Computer Society Reviews Website Optimization

Summary: Simon Clarke reviews the Nighthawk book for the BCS.

Simon Clarke reviews the Nighthawk book for the BCS. In you'll learn how to "optimise the commercial and technical performance of a website. The book is intended for both marketing and web developers. It describes a step-by-step approach to assessing and improving a website."

"Most of the book is concerned with front-end activities: changes to the content. There is little description of back-end, server topics such as scalability, hosting, deployment, or server architecture. This is a shame as back-end problems could well be a significant part of the overall web performance.

Overall the book is well-written and produced. Although it has some gaps, what is described is done well, with a clear style and plenty of practical examples. Given the level of detailed information, the book is good value for money. I recommend it."

Thanks for the feedback Simon. We'll keep that in mind for any future editions, we've already got some ideas for back-end optimization chapters for the next edition.

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By website optimization on 18 Nov 2008 PM

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