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Midwest Book Review on Website Optimization Secrets

Summary: Website Optimization Secrets was briefly reviewed by Midwest Book Review in November, under their computer shelf.

Midwest Book Review mentioned our book briefly in their November 2008 newsletter.

"Years ago an optimized website loaded quickly and worked on most browsers: today optimization includes a site's ability to attract, interact with and persuade customers. Any collection strong in web authorizing and design needs Andrew B. King's WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION (9780596515089, $39.99), a key to all the elements that differentiate a superior website to a less effectual one. From strategies and techniques to maximize leads and sales to tuning performance with Ajax and other add-ons, WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION is key for any working to enhance web functioning."

For the full review and other recommend books, see:

Internet Bookwatch, November 2008

By website optimization on 10 Nov 2008 PM

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