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Website Optimization by Andrew B. King

Summary: Cindy King has syndicated her review of our book Website Optimization Secrets. The spread of this review appears to have bumped us up in our Amazon rankings. Thanks Cindy, and Happy New Year!

Cindy King (no relation) has syndicated her great book review to other channels. We noticed a jump in our Amazon rankings after this review was distributed, thanks Cindy!

For those of you who missed it, here are some highlights of her in-depth review:

"Anyone who takes website optimization seriously, and is committed to improving online results, should read Andy King's Website Optimization.

It is not a lazy afternoon read. It delivers a bit more than thought provoking entertainment. You can, however, easily read this book section by section in the order they interest you.

This book has brought my own website optimization skills up several notches.

It is extremely useful. And it provides a depth of information I have not found in any other book."

For the full review see:

Website Optimization by Andrew B. King

By website optimization on 31 Dec 2008 AM

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