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Mightybytes Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Summary: Tim Frick reviews our Website Optimization book and recommends it to practically anyone involved in creating websites: marketers, developers, conversion boosters, and SEO and PPC practitioners as well.

Mightybytes has reviewed the Nighthawk book calling it "extremely informative." Tim Frick recommends the book for entire web development teams to help improve their web sites.

"If you're at all involved in website creation or content, you should definitely check this book out. Website Optimization by Andrew B. King is a comprehensive resource that can help web designers and developers build better and speedier sites that engage users and drive traffic. That's the simple truth."

"...The book is also chock full of tips and tricks on how to optimize graphics, build better pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing campaigns, and write keyword-rich, benefits-driven copy that incites user action, so it isn't just about the code." It is an O'Reilly book, after all.

Tim gives a few nits, including introducing terms before they are defined, lack of Flash SEO information, and the design of the companion site. Tim will be happy to hear that we are working on addressing all of these issues, and have a new design in the works.

For the full review see:

Website Optimization Review.

By website optimization on 3 Mar 2009 PM

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