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Kate Trgovac Reviews Website Optimization Secrets Book

Summary: A great review of our Website Optimization book by Kate Trgovac. She only reviews books that she has actually read, and our free review copy made the cut.

Kate Trgovac of was kind enough to review our book. She wrote: "This is my absolute favourite book on search. Or, more accurately, how a bunch of different factors on your website impact your site's search engine optimization. Andrew King has done a superb job bringing together the technical world and the marketing world."

"It's always the first book I recommend to clients and colleagues, big and small who say "I need a good book on search." Thanks for the great review Kate, here is the link:

A Few Book Reviews - Some Social Media, Some Search and a Little Optimization for Good Measure, August 25, 2009.

By website optimization on 30 Sep 2009 PM

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