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Chapter 18: Compressing the Web

Table 18.2: Content Encoding Average Compression Ratios for Different Web Site Categories (file size in bytes)

Web Site Type HTML, CSS, and JS Files OnlyAll Files Including Graphics
(Average for 5 Web Sites)Number of FilesOriginal SizeCompressed SizeSavingsOriginal SizeCompressed SizeSavings
High-Tech Company1426,5315,09279%60,65039,21135%
Web Directory1136,09613,29669%50,16827,36846%

Web directories:,,,,

On average, the text portion of these sites was compressed by 75 percent. Overall, compression would save 37 percent in total file size.

Note: This table is from page 412 of Chapter 18: Compressing the Web from Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization.

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