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Multimedia: Use a Stable Tripod – pro camera tripod review for sharper photos & solid video support

Ansel Adams once said that the ideal tripod “is a cubic yard of solid concrete with a 1/4″ X #20 bold head sticking out of the top.” While this certainly would give a nearly vibration-free support, for most photographers this is not a viable option. That’s where tripods come in handy.

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Multimedia: Use Image Stabilization – gyro stabilizer lenses & gyroscopic stabilizer for sharper aerial photography & video cameras

Vibration is one of the photographer’s worst enemies. Slow shutter speeds and telephotos usually don’t mix well, often resulting in blurry shots. A stable tripod can help to ensure sharper photographs and videos destined for the Web. But what about situations where a tripod is not an option?

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