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Mobile Data Traffic to Grow by Nearly 6X in 5 Years - Smartphone Subscribers to Double by 2019 - Mobile Web Site Performance Key - May 2014 Bandwidth Report

Summary: Mobile data traffic will grow by nearly 6X by 2019, according to a recent survey. With more smartphones and tablets coming online, the need for mobile site speed is growing.

Mobile device usage will grow significantly over the next 5 years, according to a recent survey. Mobile data usage with grow by nearly 6 times in the next 5 years, and smartphone usage will more than double. This data shows that mobile website optimization will become more important as more mobile users join the fray.

Mobile Data Usage to Grow by Nearly 6X by 2019

The growth of mobile device usage on the Web will grow by 5.95 times from 3094 PB in 2014 to 18,397 PB in 2019, according to data provided by Ericsson (see Figure 1).

mobile date traffic forecast

Figure 1: Mobile Data Traffic Forecast 2011-2019
Source: Ericsson

Smartphone Subscriptions to Grow by 2.2X by 2019

Smartphone usage will more than double in the next 5 years, according to data provided by Ericsson. In 2014 Smartphone subscriptions were 2.59 billion. By 2019 smartphone subscriptions will top 5.6 billion, a factor of 2.2 (see Figure 2).

smartphone subscriptions forecast

Figure 2: Smartphone Subscriptions Forecast 2011-2019
Source: Ericsson

Mobile Web Site Performance Optimization Key

This data shows that our world will soon become much more interconnected and reliant on mobile devices. The percentage of mobile users browsing websites has grown with Wikimedia reporting over 35% mobile share in Feb. 2014. Looking at the logs of our own clients many are over 40% mobile browser share and rising. As more mobile users come online, and more websites present mobile-optimized sites, the percentage of mobile browsers and data will continue to increase. Our March Bandwidth Report showed that mobile sites incur a speed penalty of 50% over their desktop counterparts. These trends show that the need for mobile site speed will increase over time.

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