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Pure Visibility announces role in new O'Reilly Website Optimization Book

Summary: Pure Visibility played an important role in my Website Optimization Secrets book. They wrote two fine PPC chapters for my new book.

Learn how Pure Visibility, an Ann Arbor search engine marketing firm, played an important part in writing the PPC chapters of my new book. Chapter 3 focuses on AdWords and pay-per-click optimization and Chapter 4 discusses a case study on the company's pay-per-click work for Body Glove Mobile Accessories Group.

Pure Visibility did an exemplary job on the PPC chapters. They were a real pleasure to work with as much of the team got involved with writing and editing the chapters early on. The Pure Visibility team went to great lengths to accommodate my requests.

The PPC chapters demonstrate the need for a sound mathematical foundation, emphasizing the need for planning and profit-based calculation before diving into your PPC accounts. By calculating what CPC will be profitable (based on profit per item and conversion rate) you can ensure a profitable campaign when advertising with pay-per-click. By following the best practices detailed in these chapters, you can ensure that your PPC campaigns will be successful.

Chapter 3 titled, Pay-per-Click Optimization, explains how to boost the ROI of your paid-search advertising campaigns. In this chapter, you'll learn how to become a successful PPC optimizer through targeted campaigns based on profit-driven goals. Using ad copy, auction bids, and landing page optimization, you'll maximize CTRs and increase conversions within a set budget.

Chapter 4, titled, PPC Case Study:, demonstrates best practice PPC and CRO techniques. The chapter shows how diligent PPC and landing page optimization improved conversion rates by over 600 percent over time and brought costs down in the competitive cell phone case market.

Pure Visibility announces role in new O'Reilly Website Optimization Book

By website optimization on 3 Aug 2008 PM

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