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Monaco Wins Broadband Jackpot – UK Broadband Penetration Drops to 17th Place Worldwide – Moldova Fastest Growing Broadband Country – September 2009 Bandwidth Report

Monaco had the highest global broadband penetration rate of 47.4 percent, trumping all other countries in a recent survey. The UK dropped from 14th place to 17th place in broadband penetration over the past two quarters, according to Point Topic. Moldova’s broadband subscribers grew by nearly 20% over the past quarter and by 100% over the past year. Meanwhile in the US, broadband penetration crept up to 93.5% among active Internet users.

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US Broadband Speed 18th Worldwide – Delaware Broadband Fastest – US Broadband Penetration at 93.3% Among Active Internet Users – August 2009 Bandwidth Report

The US came in 18th among all countries surveyed in average connection speed, growing at about half the worldwide average increase over the past year. Within the US, Delaware had the fastest connection speed among the 50 states, averaging more than 7Mb per second. Washington and Georgia top the list in Internet penetration per capita, according to a recent survey by Akamai. Worldwide, South Korea continues to lead all countries in average connection speed at 11Mbps. Meanwhile, broadband penetration among active Internet users grew to 93.3% in July 2009.

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US Broadband Speed Jumps to 16th Worldwide – Fastest and Slowest Cities, States, and Countries – October 2010 Bandwidth Report

Since the end of 2009, the US has improved its broadband speed rankings from 22nd to 16th worldwide. From Q4 2009 to Q2 2010, the average broadband speed in the US grew from 3.8Mbps to 4.6Mbps, according to an Akamai broadband survey. Delaware enjoys the fastest connections in the US, and California dominates the top US cities for fast broadband. If you want fast Internet connections, don’t go to Mayotte, Wallis and Futuna, or Cuba.

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