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PPC Optimization: Ad Title Tweaking

Summary: Learn how small changes in ad text can make big changes in performance. By varying our Ad Title text we improved ad position from 2.4 to 1.0.

In our continuing series on PPC optimization this time we look at optimizing text ad performance by tweaking ad titles. Technically called the "Business Name" field, we're calling it the ad title for brevity. By isolating higher performing ad text you can vary different parts of similar ads to see which variant performs better. This article shows that a small change to the ad title can make a big change in ad performance.

Continuous Improvement

Dr. J Edward Deming provided the concept of continuous improvement with the PDCA Cycle (an acronym of Plan, Do, Check and Action) to the workplace (in Japanese called Kaisen). You can use continuous improvement in your PPC campaigns. Test different settings and ad text combinations to see which combinations work better. Use the best combinations and test variations of different elements. Rinse and repeat. In our case we found an ad body text combination that worked well:

Call: (215) 568-6222
Get Straight Teeth-No Metal Braces
3D Smile Preview. Save $500 Special

Provide an Offer

Two things are at work in this ad. There is a clear offer of "Save $500 Special." Special implies New Patient Special and gives the visitor an incentive to click. There is also a bit of mystery on what is included which may tempt the gentle prospect. The "3D Smile Preview" gives the new patient a quick idea of what their smile will look like when the Invisalign treatment is complete.

Vary the Ad Title

Given the Ad body text above, let's try varying the main Ad Title (or Business Name) to see which version performs best. First we tried "Philadelphia Dentistry" a longer variation of the name of Dr. Cirka's practice (Ad #1, see Figure 1).

Three Call Only Ads with Different Ad Titles

Figure 1: Three Call Only Ads with Different Ad Titles

The next Ad Title variant we tried was "Philly Dentistry." which matches the practice name (Ad #2).

Finally we tried a more relevant title with the keyword "Invisalign" inside "Philly Invisalign Dentist" (Ad #3). Besides performing better, this keyphrase has the advantage of matching multiple target keywords ("Philly Invisalign," "Invisalign Dentist" etc.)

Three Call Only Invisalign Ads with Different Ad Titles

Figure 2: Three Call Only Invisalign Ads with Different Ad Titles

After a couple of days Ad #1 using "Philadelphia Dentistry." as the Ad Title garnered an ad position of 2.4, not where we want to be. An ad position of less than 2 is ideal for call only ads on smaller screen smartphones. Ad #2 using "Philly Dentistry." for the Ad Title with the same ad body text got a 1.5 ad position, a much better result. Ad #3 using "Philly Invisalign Dentist" as the Ad Title got a top 1.0 ad position with the same body text (see Figure 2). Note that using "early warning" metrics like ad position can give you a good idea of the ad's quality before any clicks occur. Based on this performance data we paused ad number 1 and let the others run.


Seemingly small changes in ad text can make big changes in performance. By varying our Ad Title text we improved ad position from 2.4 to 1.0.

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