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Study: Americans Lead World in Broadband Use – US Broadband Penetration Jumps to 94.5% – December 2009 Bandwidth Report

North America and the US are the heaviest users of the Internet, surpassing Europe and Asia according to a recent study. Despite remaining in 15th place overall in broadband penetration (OECD 2009), the US leads the world in broadband users, and is essentially tied for second with France in overall usage, behind only South Korea. Among active Internet users, broadband penetration in US homes jumped to 94.45% in November 2009.

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Bulgaria Leads Europe in Broadband Growth – October 2009 Bandwidth Report

Bulgaria leads the EU in broadband penetration growth with an annual growth rate of over 228%. The closest competitor, the Czech Republic is 40 percentage points behind at 181.8%. For overall uptake, Denmark and the Netherlands came in a virtual tie for the European broadband penetration crown at 37.1%. With its faster growth rate, the Netherlands is poised to pass Denmark to have the highest broadband penetration in Europe.

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Monaco Wins Broadband Jackpot – UK Broadband Penetration Drops to 17th Place Worldwide – Moldova Fastest Growing Broadband Country – September 2009 Bandwidth Report

Monaco had the highest global broadband penetration rate of 47.4 percent, trumping all other countries in a recent survey. The UK dropped from 14th place to 17th place in broadband penetration over the past two quarters, according to Point Topic. Moldova’s broadband subscribers grew by nearly 20% over the past quarter and by 100% over the past year. Meanwhile in the US, broadband penetration crept up to 93.5% among active Internet users.

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