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US Broadband Penetration Drops to 27th Place Worldwide – July 2011 Bandwidth Report

In just over a year the US has dropped two places in worldwide broadband rankings. As measured by household usage, broadband penetration in the US dropped from 25th to 27th place worldwide. The US remained at 22nd place in broadband use by population. Qatar jumped two spots to lead Liechtenstein and Luxembourg in household penetration of broadband, while Iceland jumped 2 spots to 3rd place behind Liechtenstein and Luxembourg in broadband penetration by population.

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US Needs Broadband Czar Says FCC – US Broadband Penetration Nears 90% among Active Internet Users – June 2008 Bandwidth Report

Michael Copps of the FCC said that the US needs a “broadband czar” to coordinate how government agencies promote broadband. At a recent meeting in North Carolina to promote the state’s spread of broadband, speakers emphasized the need for a coordinated effort in the US in order to compete worldwide. Meanwhile in the US, broadband penetration approached 90% in May, only a rounding error away. Overall, US broadband penetration in less than 60% among US households, and is ranked 17th worldwide.

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UK to pass Canada in Broadband Penetration in 2008 – US Broadband Penetration Grows to 91.8% among Active Internet Users – October 2008 Bandwidth Report

The UK will pass Canada in broadband penetration for the top spot among G7 countries in 2008. The UK’s higher growth rate will propel them past Canada in late 2008, according to projections by Website Optimization. While the US showed a higher growth rate in year over year broadband uptake, it remains in 15th place worldwide in broadband penetration. Japan and Korea now have more broadband subscribers on fiber than on DSL or cable. Among active Internet users, broadband penetration in the US grew to 91.8% in September 2008, up 0.26 percentage points over last month.

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