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PPC Optimization: Display URL Expansion

Last time we explored optimizing your PPC campaign with gender targeting. We found that men tend to convert better than women for our example cosmetic dentist. In this article we’ll show how to optimize a Call Only campaign with Display URL optimization. You can expand the Display URL with keywords and calls to action to boost click-through and conversion rates. This article shows an example of display URL optimization.

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Optimizing the RRS Monopod Tilt Head – really right stuff mh-01 tilt head

Like we did for our Arca-Swiss B1 tripod head this article shows how to optimize the weight (and cost) of a monopod tilt head. The latest offset tilt heads allow monopod users to mount heavy cameras on relatively lightweight monopods. As monopods are commonly used for hiking and travel, we set out to lower the weight of the tilt head, while still providing stability.

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PPC Optimization: Gender Targeting

Last time we explored optimizing your PPC campaign with age range targeting. We found that middle-aged people tended to convert better, for a particular client. In Google Adwords you can also target demographics by gender. Studies have shown that men and women tend to browse and shop differently on the Internet. Let’s look at how you can use differences in gender behavior to optimize bids to boost PPC conversion rates.

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PPC Optimization: Age Range Targeting

Last time we explored optimizing your PPC campaign with ZIP code targeting. Like the other demographic targeting options that Google provides, age and gender targeting can help improve your conversion rates to squeeze more leads out of your advertising spend. In this installment we look at how you can use age range targeting to optimize conversion rates.

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PPC Optimization: ZIP Code Targeting

For PPC campaigns that target a specific geographic location, there are a number of ways to optimize conversion rates. You can target different household incomes, business areas and universities, genders, age groups, and ZIP codes. Based on the performance of each individual demographic and location, you can adjust your bids to improve conversion rates to squeeze more leads out of your AdWords spend. This article shows how to add ZIP code targeting to your PPC campaigns to boost conversion rates.

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Using a WordPress Caching Plugin for Website Speed

Highly dynamic sites are great for conversions and search engines. Each time you visit a dynamic site things change: images, testimonials, videos and the like. Dynamic sites can have performance issues however. Using a WordPress caching plugin can help speed up initial and repeat page loading speeds. This article shows the effect of W3 Total Cache plugin on response time metrics.

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Optimizing Youtube Video Loading Speed

Youtube is a popular video streaming site owned by Google. With over a billion users and billions of daily views Youtube is seemingly everywhere on the Internet. Using your Youtube account is a convenient way to include videos into your website, and use their bandwidth. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can slow down your site. This article explores a way to speed up Youtube video loading to speed up your site.

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Optimizing the Arca Swiss B1 Ball Head – desmond skeleton clamp

Our trusty Arca Swiss B1 ball head gave up the ghost recently after over a decade of service (see Figure 1). But as we soon discovered, all is not lost. Rather than buy the new Arca Swiss Z1 head which uses a different panning clamp, we had the good folks at Precision Camera Works completely rebuild the B1. For a fraction of the Z1 price, you can rebuild your B1 and make it much lighter.

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Call Only PPC Optimization II

Last time we tested a Call Only Pay Per Click campaign against a conventional “dentist” campaign to see how call only PPC ads improve conversion rates and cost per call. By adding a single call only campaign to a PPC account, the number of calls nearly doubled, and the cost per call dropped by a factor of 3.7.

Due to the success of the call only campaign, with the client’s permission, we expanded the number of call only campaigns and dialed down or paused the conventional PPC ads. In this article we’ll look at the effects of expanding and optimizing call only PPC campaigns on cost and conversion rates.

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