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Mexico Tops in Broadband Growth – Switzerland Leads World in Broadband Penetration – DSL Dominates High Penetration Countries – August 2013 Bandwidth Report

Mexico led the world in broadband growth in the last quarter of 2012. Overall, Switzerland topped all countries in broadband penetration. The US remained stuck in 15th place in broadband penetration, according to a recent survey. DSL dominates the countries with high broadband penetration, while the US relies more on cable modems for most of their broadband subscribers.

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FCC Tests Broadband Performance Among Large ISPs, Part II – Average Web Page Load Times & Latency – October 2012 Bandwidth Report

As part of the National Broadband Plan the FCC was tasked with providing more transparency in broadband information for consumers. In Part II of our Measuring Broadband America summary, the FCC tested web site performance measures versus broadband provider. They found that latency varies with broadband type (DSL, Cable, and Fiber), and that average web page download times changed little above 10-12 Mbps. Part I of this report showed the broadband performance of 13 different ISPs at different bandwidths.

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