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Speed Tweak

Learn speed techniques you can use to increase page download speed. Speed Tweak of the Week shows how to optimize XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics, and other web page components to maximize web site speed and usability.

Optimizing the RRS Monopod Tilt Head

Learn how to optimize the weight of a monopod tilt head. Using a fixed clamp RRS tilt head and the Desmond skeleton clamp we reduced the head weight by 25%. » more »

PPC Optimization: Gender Targeting

In Google Adwords you can optimize conversion rates using gender targeting. Learn how to squeeze more leads out of your PPC spend by targeting high performing demographics singly or in combination. » more »

PPC Optimization: Age Range Targeting

You can target specific age ranges in Google Adwords to optimize conversion rates. By tweaking the bids on high performing age ranges you can tilt your campaigns to those folks more likely to convert. » more »

PPC Optimization: ZIP Code Targeting

Learn how to add ZIP code targeting to your PPC campaigns to boost conversion rates. By optimizing the performance of individual demographics and locations, you can improve conversion rates to squeeze more leads out your AdWords spend. » more »

Using a Wordpress Caching Plugin for Website Speed

Learn how a caching plugin can speed up your site by 22% to 58%. We test the W3 Total Cache Wordpress plugin on an actual client site. » more »

Optimizing Youtube Video Loading Speed

Using numerous Youtube videos can slow down your website. We show a JavaScript technique that substitutes static "poster" images for the videos speeding up page load times by nearly a factor of 5. » more »

Optimizing the Arca Swiss B1 Ball Head

Extend the life of your ball head and save weight by rebuilding with lightweight components. By rebuilding our Arca Swiss B1 we saved 17.5% off its weight. » more »
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