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Speed Tweak

Learn speed techniques you can use to increase page download speed. Speed Tweak of the Week shows how to optimize XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics, and other web page components to maximize web site speed and usability.

Call Only PPC Optimization II

Learn how adding more Call Only PPC ads can increase your conversion rate and reduce the cost of phone calls. With careful use of negative keywords, adding call only ads more than doubled our overall PPC conversion rate, and increased the number of calls at much lower cost. » more »

Optimizing the Boot Time of a Lenovo T430S Laptop: Part II

Learn how to speed up the boot time of your laptop with more RAM. In part two of our series we benchmark adding more RAM, a RAM disk, on top of adding a solid-state drive. » more »

Optimizing the Boot Time of a Lenovo T430S Laptop

Learn how to optimize the boot time of your laptop. Upgrading to a SSD is one of the most effective ways to speed up your computer. » more »

Case Study: Call Only PPC Ad Optimization

Call only PPC campaigns are a cost-effective way to drive phone calls to your business. In this article we test the effects of a call only campaign on the cost per call for a dental website. » more »

Case Study: PPC Optimization

Learn how to optimize your PPC campaign to boost leads and reduce costs. We explore location targeting with multiple radii, bid adjustments, and dayparting. » more »

Case Study: Phone Call Tracking a Dental Website

What is the optimal allocation of your online advertising budget? We compare the cost per lead of organic versus PPC advertising for a dental website. » more »

Optimizing a Complex Site for Pagespeed II

In Part II of our series on speed optimizing a complex site we explore caching plugins. Adding page caching to a Wordpress site nearly halved load times, and more than halved start render and TTFB times. » more »
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