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Speed Tweak

Learn speed techniques you can use to increase page download speed. Speed Tweak of the Week shows how to optimize XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics, and other web page components to maximize web site speed and usability.

Average Web Page Breaks 1600K

The size of the average web page passed 1600K for the first time in July. Page size appears to inversely correlate with site traffic. » more »

Wordpress Performance Optimization

Learn how to speed optimize Wordpress for faster web pages and ultimately better conversions and rankings. Optimized hosting, performance plugins and modules, profilers, and other tools and software can help you pinpoint performance bottlenecks and speed up your site. » more »

Beware HTTP Redirects for SEO and Performance

Standardizing on an authoritative URL form is a best practice for search engine optimization and performance. Avoid duplicate content and first byte delays by canonicalizing your URLs. » more »

Install Mod_Pagespeed

Installing mod_pagespeed can make significant improvements in web page performance. In our tests, web page start render times improved by 17% to 43% and load times improved by about one-third. However, while mod_pagespeed improved load times, it is no substitute for manual website optimization. » more »

Avoid Mass Web Hosting

We investigate moving an example site from a slow mass host to a lightly loaded host and measure the results. Server response times were reduced by 82.1% and variability by about 7 fold. » more » Website Performance Revisited

To test President Obama's promise that the new web site would be fixed by December 1, we speed audited the improved site. The site showed some improvements in "above the fold" speed, but slower load times than the old version. Optimizing the site with Radware's Fastview service could cut load times by more than 68%. » more »

Speedy Mobile Sites Impact Google Search Rankings

Google is now factoring in mobile friendliness and mobile website speed into their search engine rankings. » more »
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